The Musical Futures Movement #mufu2013


Musical Futures is a movement to reshape music education driven by teachers for teachers.

What a fantastic way to relaunch the Musical Futures blog: a new slogan, new pilots and for the first time ALL our champion teachers from across the UK in one place.

If you follow us on Twitter you won’t have been able to miss the buzz surrounding #mufu2013 which is still going on as teachers share the ideas they have already been trying in the classroom and reflecting on the interesting and lively debate that continues to surround MF in these times of uncertainty! Over the next few weeks, we will be blogging about the sessions, sharing ideas and video for those that weren’t there but who would like to know what the fuss is about and profiling the work of our champion teachers driving MF forward.

Reflective practice and the sharing of ideas is what keeps our teachers ticking and Martin Said, Champion Teacher from Cramlington Learning Village has been blogging about the keynote given by our Project Consultant David Price. Read his summary of the session and where he feels this will take him HERE and don’t forget to follow our blog for many more exciting new ideas, resources and things to think about coming very soon!


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