Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Meet the Team!


Find Your Voice is a practical, hands-on approach to embedding singing and technology in classrooms, specifically targeted at the 11-12 (Year 7) age range. Delivered by classroom teachers it aims to engage all students in meaningful and sustainable activity that directly builds on Musical Futures principles and pedagogy.

Here, members of the team introduce themselves, their reasons for wanting to be involved in the project and their hopes for what can be achieved.

Abigail D’Amore, Musical Futures Project Leader introduces “Find Your Voice”

5 Minutes with Phil Heeley: What makes him tick about tech?

Rob Kitchen on why he loves singing and what he feels a new approach to singing in the classroom can achieve

Sharon Durrant on the voice and engaging young people with singing in secondary/high school

photoSocial Media obsessive Anna Gower can be found glued to her laptop/phone/iPad for the duration of #mfpilot2013 welcoming people to the co-pilot, Facebook group, Music Teacher Network (Ning), posting the occasional tweet as @musicalfutures and live blogging our training in Feb.

Anna wants to know whether we have too many ways for teachers to share during the pilot. Do you have a preference? Use the comment box below or tweet so we can find the most effective way to own this pilot. Take an idea, use it, innovate with it and share. And help change the face of CPD in music education for the 21st Century!

Watch Anna’s video HERE


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