Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Complete Project Overview



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Download a complete overview of the pilot plan for #mfpilot2013. This is work in progress and video from the training sessions and the session drafts will be updated regularly as the project kicks off in schools across the world! Please use the comments box below or one of our many sharing sites to feed back to us.

Find Your Voice Project Overview

Link to student survey (please ask them to complete this at the START of the project)

Apps starter list

The Musical Futures Singing and Technology co-pilot represents an experiment, but one in which we feel like we’re in good company. All over the world, people are recognising that learning and wisdom isn’t simply a case of transferring know-how from an expert to a novice. We’re all on the spectrum. We’ve all got something to learn, and we’ve all got something to share. The future of professional development isn’t (just) formal training – it’s mining the cognitive surplus in the room, or within our social networks.

For the first time, social media allows us to learn from each other, instantly. Not ‘just-in-case’, but ‘just-in-time.’

We were astounded by the number of schools and teachers that wanted to be part of our co-pilot. But we need you to be an active participant, not a passive recipient. The resources we put up will be sporadic and time-limited. Your enthusiasm and capacity to innovate is limitless. So, take our strap line literally: TAKE what we put out; USE it with your students; INNOVATE by developing your own variants, or (if  what we suggest doesn’t work for you) create your own solutions; SHARE, by blogging, tweeting, uploading and using all the social media tools we have at our disposal.

Don’t worry about relevance, or appropriateness – we’ll try to make sense of it all, and do the filing.

We want to see how little we need to do to support the community of practice you’ve joined. Not because we haven’t the capacity  – though we are pretty stretched – but because you have the potential to organise yourselves, just like a community of hackers produced open source software like Linux, without anyone telling them what to do.

Don’t expect us to lead – we won’t. But we will try to respond to your needs, if it will help you learn from each other more efficiently.

If we get this right, and if you create as much as you receive, we will be breaking new ground in social learning, and creating a model of professional development that is every bit as radical as Musical Futures itself.

So, remember: Take – Use – Innovate – Share!


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