Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Explore Technology


Don’t forget to get your students to complete the SURVEY if they haven’t already done so!

Session Aim:

To enable students to explore the creative potential and possibilities with mobile technology

The 4 chord medley



Prior to the lesson students will need to have downloaded the recommended apps for this session. Click HERE to access the list, but don’t forget our sharing board where people have been sharing apps they have discovered, feel free to add to this by double clicking on the wall.


      • Students divide into friendship groups for this task
      •  Using the same four-chord medley (I-V-VI-IV) they have explored with their voice, students now explore with ‘playing’ this on their phones/tablets using selected apps. They work in small groups to recreate each part (bass, guitar harmony, rhythm and melody), coming up with an entirely electronic version of the sequence. 

 Perform and Share

Review the apps used. Did students discover any different/new/better apps they could pin on our Apps Suggestion Board

Discussion from #mfpiot2013 training after teachers tried this task

Links to Musical Futures Approaches

 The informal learning model (

Links to Musical Futures Pedagogy

  • Focuses on aural learning
  • Involves students working in friendship groups
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Integrates listening, performing and improvising
  • Teachers should offer advice, guidance, support and act as a musical model to support students with objectives they are setting for themselves

Session plan exploring tech

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