Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Explore Vocals 1


Don’t forget to get your students to complete the SURVEY if they haven’t already done so!

Session Aim:

Realise the capacity of teacher and student voices by exploring the sounds they can make and by vocalising a variety of instrumental parts of a current song known to them. Take as many lessons as you need to complete this session.

Plan collaboratively with other teachers via:

Twitter: @musicalfutures, Facebook groupMusic Teacher Network discussion thread

Read pilot teacher Stephen’s notes that accompany the video on this page HERE

 The 4 Chord Medley

Warm ups-Workshopping-Create-Perform-Share

Warm Ups

Selection from #mufu2013 Conference

Selection from #mfpilot2013 Training

Plasticine Man and more!

Dippity Doppity Day

Move through recommended warm-ups to explore different aspects of the voice. Choose from our bank of vocal warm ups, or make your own and share on our WALL

Workshop (a song medley based on I, V, VI, IV chord pattern)

Gradually build up a sung groove of rhythm, bassline and harmony parts, over a loop of the four chords I-V-VI-IV. Song suggestions can be found HERE, double click to add yours!

All students learn to vocalise:

  • A simple rhythmic line
  • A bassline
  • Guitar riffs/harmonies

Vocalising riffs from #mfpilot2013 Training


Break students into groups to create their own versions of songs that they know over the 4-chord pattern groove. Challenge them to come up with as many songs as they can in small groups. Students take it in turns to sing the songs, and to vocalise the groove.

Filmed at #mfpilot2013 Training


Record the final performance: Filmed at #mfpilot2013 Training

Group Performances:

Mass 4 chord jam!


Links To Musical Futures Approaches

Classroom workshopping approach

Links to MF pedagogy:

  • Focuses on aural learning
  • Integrates listening, performing and improvising
  • Starts with music that students are familiar with.

Session plan Explore vocals 1

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