Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Explore vocals 2


Don’t forget to get your students to complete the SURVEY if they haven’t already done so!

Session Aim

To provide students with a palette of vocal sounds focusing on recreating rhythm and bass lines vocally

Warm ups-Explore-Recreate-Perform-Share

Warm Ups

Mississipi Mud Slap Warm Up

Use clapping rhythms as a starting point to call and response, and move around the body to end with warming up the voice. At this point, start layering up different vocal patterns with the group as an improvisation activity

Beatboxing activity where students:

      1. Use words as a starting point to beatboxing
      2. Exploring phonemes and mouth shapes
      3. Inwards and outwards breath to create sounds

Body percussion


Explore phonemes through workshopping a bass style based on a current musical genre that students will be familiar with.

Create our own beatboxing pieces using the names of composers!


Bring the bassline and the beats together then bring back the four chord medley. Workshop this and  explore layering in different vocal percussion sounds and beats.

Perform and Share

Discussion from #mfpilot2013 training

Links to Musical futures Approaches

Classroom workshopping approach

Links to Musical Futures Pedagogy

      • Focuses on aural learning
      • Integrates listening, performing, composing and improvising
      • Uses music that students are familiar with

Session overview: explore vocals 2

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