Find Your Voice #mfpilot2013: Recreating Vocals


Session Aim

All students will recreate a vocalised version of a song, building on skills and techniques they have learnt so far.

4 Chord medley

Break out-Recreate-Perform-Share

Break out

Students divide into friendship groups. Either provide students with one current song, a choice of current songs, or invite them to bring in a song of their choice.


In small groups, students are tasked with recreating the song (or part of the song) entirely vocally (melody, harmony, rhythm, bass). The role of the teacher is to model the various parts the students are trying to recreate, and provide advice, guidance and support based on objectives student are setting for themselves.


Record the final performance


Links to Musical Futures Approaches

The informal learning model (

Links to Musical Futures pedagogy

  • Focuses on aural learning
  • Involves students working in friendship groups
  • Encourages independent learning
  • Integrates listening, performing and improvising
  • Teachers should offer advice, guidance, support and act as a musical model to support students with objectives they are setting for themselves
  • Starts with music students like and are familiar with

Session outline recreating vocals

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